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  1. Stick to regular grooming

Regular grooming is the best way to help in the fight against pet hair. Not only does giving your pet a brush help loosen his skin and get rid of hair, it also gives you quality bonding time and a chance to check over for any lumps or bumps. (Or let a professional do it!)

  1. Get the right tools

Make sure you have a decent supply of lint rollers for your clothes. Failing this, a large volume of sticky tape will work just as well. A vacuum cleaner that has enough suction power to lift hairs from the depths of your carpet is a must.

  1. Dress like your pet!

In all honesty, it’s probably easier just to buy clothes and furniture the same color as your pet. Maybe this is where the saying about dogs looking like their owners originates from?

The good news in all of this…..Spring is finally HERE!