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So you’re ready to move – and it’s time to tackle packing up your kitchen.

Instead of moving all those boxes of your non-perishable foods, why not lighten the load you are moving AND help fight hunger in your community at the same time!

In Medina County, one child out of every five is considered food insecure.

Locally, some options are listed below, but if you are outside the Medina County area, a quick search on Facebook or Google will lead you to the many non-profits that accept and appreciate food donations.

Cups Café is a non-profit community cafe. There is a donation box onsite for those who wish to contribute. They are located at: 126 N. Court St. Medina

Cups Cafe serves:

  • free cups of coffee, tea, & hot chocolate
  • free cups of water, kool-aid, sweet & unsweetened iced tea, milk & chocolate milk
  • free cups of soup
  • free sandwiches, popcorn, breads, bagels, cereal & desserts
  • free ice cream sundaes, popsicles, & smoothies during the summer
  • free bibles, prayer & other literature


Feeding Medina County provides aid to children, as well as families and seniors who are at risk of hunger

Nutritious, non-perishable foods are always accepted and appreciated at Feeding Medina County and may be dropped off at: 650 W. Smith Rd. C-8, Medina

  • Peanut butter (1 lb plastic jars or smaller; NO LARGE jars)
  • Squeezable jars of jelly (20 oz or smaller; NO GLASS)
  • Macaroni & cheese
  • Fruit cups/cans of fruit (preferably unsweetened/in natural juices)
  • 15 oz cans of vegetables (corn, peas, green beans)
  • 5oz – 7oz cans of tuna fish
  • High calcium, fat-free/sugar-free pudding cups


It’s a win/win!  You move fewer boxes and your community benefits.