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Make Sun Paper- from NASA Science

Have some fun with the sun!

We see it every day in the sky. Our sun is a
burning ball of superheated gas. Even though
it’s 93 million miles (149.6 million kilometers)
away, we can feel its heat and light on Earth.
Make this marbled paper that looks just like
our sun.

What you need:
• Paper
• Wax paper
• Shaving cream
• Cardboard or squeegee
• Food coloring
• Toothpicks

What to do:

1. Cut off a square of wax paper and
tape it down. You don’t want it
moving around.

2. Spread shaving cream over your
wax paper and make sure it’s nice
and smooth and foamy. Make it
roughly circle shaped.


3. Drop five drops of red and yellow
food coloring in a circular area.

4. Use your toothpicks to swirl the red
and yellow colors together in a

5. Place your paper right on top of the
shaving cream and food coloring.
Press it down lightly. Give it a few
seconds to absorb the dye.

6. Pull the paper off and set it down. It
will look like a big glob of orange
shaving cream at this point.

7. Gently scrape off the shaving
cream with a squeegee or piece of
cardboard with a nice flat edge.

8. Allow your paper to dry, and blot
off any extra shaving cream with a
paper towel. Be careful not to
smear the food coloring before it
dries, though!

9. Cut out your sun shape!