Happy Landings

There comes a time for many when it’s time to scale down or they need some help in order to maintain.  MC Real Estate’s Happy Landings program helps make this sometimes difficult transition much smoother.

Happy Landings agents have experience with the senior community. We have a wealth of knowledge in the areas of senior care options, legal concerns, and finances.

Here are some examples of some of the services we have provided clients in the Happy Landings program:

    • Developed a detailed and comprehensive relocation plan and timetable.
    • Worked with an auctioneer to remove items from the client’s basement and garage for sale at the auction barn.
    • Contracted with the trash removal company to clear unsaleable items.
    • Taken non-saleable items of value (e.g. clothing, bedding, food, etc.) to local charities and obtained receipts;
    • Arranged for packing, transport, and set-up of items at new residence.
    • Arranged for total cleanout of a house and worked with a cleaning company to defer client payment until the house was sold.
    • Found contractors to perform various tasks needed to prepare the house for sale (e.g. carpet cleaning, pest eradication, tree and hedge trimming, painting, masonry work, locksmith).
    • Helped assess the needs of the client and introduced them to appropriate settings.
    • Referred clients to various professionals who can assist them.
    • Provided ongoing nationwide liaison with family members and friends who are involved in providing care and assistance with the relocation.
    • A timely and successful sale of the homes of our clients.

Happy Landings is an incredible added value to seniors who are considering a move to a smaller home, retirement community, or care facility.  We help seniors find ways to stay put in their present homes if we believe they can do so with the benefit of home care services and/or other service partners.

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